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A small introduction about my self

Luke Woollett

Computer Science Student from Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi! My name is Luke Woollett, and im a Computer Science Student at the University of Canterbury.
I've always wanted to do programming since I was 8, (According to my parents) and I first started learning programming when I was 13, by creating Minecraft Server plugins in Java.
When I went to High School, I started going to an after School Program for High Schoolers at the University Of Canterbury where you learned Python. I started making some games in pygame, and generally enjoyed my time there.
In high school, my teacher put me and a friend of mine forward to do the STAR programme, which put High School students into first year University papers. Through this, I did COSC121 and 122.
Outside of programming, I have a few hobbies such as Football, Working on motorbikes and playing videogames.
You'll notice a fair few photos of my motorbikes scattered through this site.

Skills & Expertice

I'd say my Skills are around here:

As it's hard to write about skills, take these with a grain of salt.
So my reasoning for Java being at around 80% is that there is still a lot for me to learn with it, but I would say that I have a pretty firm understanding of it. I have used Java in our year long University project for Software Engineering 302, and haven't really had any issues with it.
Python. I Rated Python fairly highly as I feel that I also have a pretty strong grasp on the Language. I have been using Python in personal projects as well as in University courses for the last ~4 years and feel right at home with it.
UI Development / Design. I am a lot more comfortable with UI Design than I used to be, as during my third year group application design, I went through and redid the entire UI. That made me think a lot about how UI's work and I feel has made me a better designer.
I am trying to learn Kotlin on the side for my personal Android applications. It is a very weird language but on the other hand is very nice and easy to program in compared to Java.

UI Dev


I can say i've sucessfully achieved:

Feb 2010
Nov 2015

Graduated High School

Papanui High School

In 2015 I completed high school at Papanui High.
My Year 13 Subjects Were:

  • Physics
  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • English With Media
  • Math
  • COSC121 / 122 Through the STAR course.

Feb 2016

Bachelor of Science

University of Canterbury

So I actually started my Degree in 2015 when I did COSC121 and 122 during high school, but my first official year of University was in 2016. I've taken a wide range of courses, from commerce (INFO 121, INFO 263) to Psychology (PSYCH106) However, University has always been about computer science for me, and i've done quite a lot of courses on it. Some of my favourites have been SENG > Software engineering in java, in which i've got an A- in both courses. Another favourite was ENCE, in which we programmed in C. I plan to graduate in early 2019.


Projects i've worked on!

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The best ways to get in touch with me are below, which has links to my Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Github